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Our Ethics

We strongly believe that as a small business and part of a local community, strong ethics should start with us. If we, as a Coffee Shop can be as ethical as is feasible, then in turn, it helps our customers realise how they too can become more ethical.

Below, are some of the things we believe makes us an ethical business.

Vegan & Vegetarian

We all know now that the best way to fight global warming is to adopt a vegan diet. 

We stopped selling meat products completely in 2018 followed by fish shortly after. For some time we remained vegetarian friendly and we began to transition products towards being vegan friendly. Over 90% of our products now are fully suitable for Vegan diets or can be made Vegan with a small change.

We offer a range of alternative milks including Oat, Soya, Almond and Pea.

Recycle, Re-use & Low Waste

In 2018, we decided to ditch as much plastic as possible. We switched all our packaging to Vegware compostable and recyclable ones. Our takeout cups are made from bamboo, a more eco-friendly option than regular cardboard ones (and they break down in a couple of months in home compost bins!) Our plastic straws became paper straws.

We ditched the plastic bottles of water in the fridge. Eventually, we replaced them with CanO Water. Still or sparkling water in a resealable can. Infinitely recyclable and re-useable.

On top of all this, we have increased our recycling rate to around 70% of all our waste. Of the remaining 30%, the vast majority is food waste, something we are working on to send for composting which will bring our recycling rate to over 90%

As we use only Electric at Divine, Our 100% green energy comes from a Solar and Wind Farm just over the Leicestershire border.

We welcome the use of re-useable takeout cups. We stock a range of high quality cups that are BPA free for both hot and cold drinks. Using your own cup gives you 10% off at the till. We even welcome the use of containers for cakes and snacks for those who prefer to follow a zero or low waste lifestyle.


Our house blend is roasted for us by local coffee producers 200 Degrees, a company we have worked with for over 8 years. We were the first coffee shop in the city centre to stock their coffee, many many moons ago.

We often get asked if our coffee is Fairtrade, a scheme which guarantees a minimum pay for workers who harvest the beans.

Our coffee is goes one better than that and is Rainforest Alliance certified. This scheme helps to guarantee a minimum pay along with help, advice, funding and more to help the farmers, growers, pickers and more so that they can make the best of the land they have, to use methods and techniques to re-use land faster so that they do not need to expand into precious rainforest land.

Carbon Neutrel

We've gone carbon neutral!

As of 23rd April 2021, we have received registered status as a carbon neutral business courtesy of

Carbon Neutral Britain 


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